Help us enhance the protection, restoration, rehabilitation and health of lakes, rivers, wetlands, and watersheds in Canada.

    Our Priorities:

    Water Literacy
    Through outreach events, workshops and school programs, we inform Canadians about their relationship to their watersheds, linking human impacts and climate change to the health and sustainability of our lakes, rivers and wetlands.
    Citizen Science
    Through citizen-based water monitoring training and watershed health assessments, we enable concerned individuals and water stewardship groups to better understand, care for, and protect their lakes, rivers and wetlands.
    Science to Policy
    Using innovative policy and management approaches, and forming collaborative partnerships, we provide the tools and expertise to help communities, local government and First Nations better steward their lakes and watersheds.
    Our Rapid Response Initiative provides stewardship groups with capacity for community-based citizen science water monitoring. Our goal is to better understand potential impacts to water quality from pollution events, and take appropriate action.

    Latest News

    A Reason to Celebrate

    As Canadians celebrated Canada Water Week last week, and the world celebrated World Water Day, here at home, one of our local Kootenay residents was also celebrated. Nelson’s Heather [...]

    Friends of Kootenay Lake

    Living Lakes Canada is proud of all the citizen groups we’ve helped to train and empower. We envision a Canada where citizens are actively involved in decisions related to their water. A [...]

    Think Like a Watershed

    “Moving forward towards holistic watershed governance will require a new Canadian narrative based on our aboriginal heritage that is truly collaborative and inclusive” – John Ralston Saul [...]

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    “In everything there is a desire for love, for the relationship of unison with the rest of things.” D.H. Lawrence This Valentine’s Day, let’s show our love for our [...]

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    No matter your culture, creed, or profession, nothing connects Canadians quite like our water.

    20% of the world’s freshwater reserves can be found beneath our skates, flowing from our taps, and reflecting summer sunsets alongside family and friends.

    At Living Lakes Canada, our goal is to bring you closer to the lake, river, or wetland that you love. Explore our resources to better understand the issues facing your favourite water body, and rely upon our science to spread your passion among your community.

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